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Shivam Shipping Services team of project cargo experts understands the specialized handling needs of odd and over-dimensional cargo such as transformers and other equipments.

Selection of specialized vehicles, project registration, route surveys, loading are executed with engineering precision acquired through decades of experience.


Shivam Shipping Services offers Pharmaceutical companies warehousing facilities for bulk drugs and their raw materials. All facilities maintained as per norms specified by the Food and Drug Authority, with cold chain facilities and distribution infrastructure, with value-added services such as Excise, VAT assistance and billing support


Shivam Shipping Services facilitates activities undertaken before the actual procurement for capital and other equipment.

Our experts adhere to procedures prescribed for imports and procurement of goods from within the country for Special Economic Zones Units, in accordance with Special Economic Zones Rules within India

Sports & Events

Shivam Shipping Services understands the special requirements for Sporting and other events, ensuring that all equipment is imported on a temporary permit and allowing ease of re-export.

End to end logistics solutions including transportation of temporary overlay material, manpower, security, material handling equipment, transportation between venues, managing storage areas, are some of the key focus areas


Shivam Shipping Services offers Retailers and Wholesalers an in-place network of warehousing and distribution centers, which need high-performance but flexible distribution infrastructure.

Our many locations allow companies in the Retail sector to place inventory closer to their end client and to expand into new markets without the need for a large capital investment.


Shivam Shipping Services experience with the telecom industry gives our clients an edge as our teams have knowledge of various aspects of logistics involved in this industry.

Warehousing and distribution of base station equipment involves handling of delicate equipment coupled with Just-in-time delivery efficiency.

India Focus

Companies across the world are looking to India as a sourcing or manufacturing hub, or to exploit the retail revolution. Highly educated, English speaking talent available in India is attracting companies globally and the world's second largest population is perceived as an asset for process and knowledge oriented tasks.

Major and non-major ports, both Air and Sea, are seeing an increase of traffic and are clocking double-digit growth. There is however pressure on limited infrastructure capabilities, as modernization and automation is slow. This results in high transportation costs, traffic bottlenecks, and slow documentation clearance. Transportation and logistics processes in India are highly complex and diverse owing to a large landscape and limited infrastructure.

Shivam Shipping Services has an understanding of the unique working environment in India through years of experience and while being a global player is capable of facilitating cargo movement to and from the remotest hinterland of India to the furthest global destination.

For instance, do you know that India celebrates about 26 public, customs, dock and bank holidays and that these declared holidays differ from one state to another? Every state is a country in itself, with its own language and culture. It doesn't take much to imagine how your carefully planned delivery schedules can go awry if you have not taken this small detail into account. Teaming up with a partner who understands global standards as well as the local work environment is crucial.

Our existing infrastructure allows you to plug into the Indian market, without investing in resources or setting up basic infrastructure to connect to the mainstream activities in India. Through the process, our technology capabilities ensure that you receive complete information and gain control over the supply chain by providing visibility on status of goods in transshipment and storage. Your offices across the globe and different time zones can access information 24X7, thereby ensuring complete visibility for remote operational control.

When you team-up with Shivam Shipping Services, the India experts, you can rest assured that even the smallest of detail, be it in the supply chain or delivery schedule, has been taken care of. By joining us not only do you save valuable time and money, you also allow yourself to focus on your core competencies to better enhance your business.

India Fast Facts

  • Total area 3,287,590 sq. km. Coast line approx. 7,000 km. 28 States and 7 Union Territories and territorial borders with 6 countries
  • Population - 2007 estimate 1.12 billion (2nd) largest in the world
  • Multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-cultural people. More than 96 living languages with only 46 technically written. Land of all seasons and diverse terrains
  • Although India occupies only 2.4% of the world's land area, it supports over 15% of the world's population. Only China has a larger population.
  • Almost 33% of Indians are younger than 15 years of age.
  • About 70% of the people live in more than 550,000 villages, and the remainder in more than 200 towns and cities
  • Religion, caste and language are major determinants of social and political organization in India today.
  • Although 82% of the people are Hindu, India also is the home of more than 126 million Muslims--one of the world's largest Muslim populations. The population also includes Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Parsis
  • World's fourth largest economy in-terms of PPP
  • World's second fastest growing economy with a GDP growth rate equals to 9.6% 2006-07
  • Exports $125 billion (Financial Year 2006-2007)
  • Imports $187.9 billion f.o.b. (2006-07)
  • India’s share of world trade was 1.5% in 2006-07 and is estimated to reach 2% by 2009.

Logistic Challenges for India

  • Freight cost forms 11% of the landed costs, as compared to the 6% in the developed countries
  • Standard transit time from shop-floors in India to retail stands in EU/USA much higher compared to other countries
  • Bottle necks: Delayed documentation processes, vast areas & complex locations to cover, delays due to lack of planning & connectivity in multi-modal logistics, very few service providers offer skilled expertise
  • Lack of visibility in the entire chain
  • Every piece handled approximately 15 times from shipper to aircraft
  • Complex and time consuming requirements of various government departments
  • 85% unorganized sector, very few national players